Alternative Education Programs

One of our graduates

At Mary Lee Bunch Associates we have learned that students often have very different learning styles. While some young people do well in a more traditional, large group environment, many students thrive in a much smaller class size. Therefore, we have created a setting which will allow your student to enjoy the benefits of focused learning in a comfortable environment with minimal distraction. With some occasional exceptions, our class sizes are typically between 1-3 students, providing our teachers the opportunity to invest more time with each.

Has your student fallen behind due to excessive absences, or even disciplinary issues? If so, we offer a number of credit recovery options to fulfill requirements, allowing your student to still graduate with their class.

We can also help your homeschooler finish those more challenging subjects such as Chemistry and Physics. Because Mary Lee Bunch Associates is affiliated with Franklin Classical, Home Life Academy and The Comenius School, credits earned here are fully transferable to whichever program best suits your family.