College Application Seminar

Mary Lee Bunch Associates specializes in preparing both parents and their students for the transition into the college phase of life. You can now sign up to attend a seminar taught by Jay Dmuchowski to learn all that you will need to know to about applying to college. Jay has 15 years of experience in all aspects of college prep, including essay writing, test-taking, and other important content found within an application. He also has 4 years of experience as an admissions advisor at Berklee College in New York.

Unfortunately, many applicants unintentionally make it more difficult for themselves by not becoming fully educated on the application process. This seminar is offered to help you gain a better understanding of what preparing for college entails in order to set you up for success. It is designed to help highlight focus areas for you and your student so as to determine how to best proceed. We also offer the option of individual college prep classes to provide guidance in those highlighted areas. For more information and registration, please click the link below.