Credit Recovery / Summer School Options


Credit Recovery

One of our students in class

Mary Lee Bunch Associates credit recovery programs are available throughout the school year to help your student stay on track and graduate on schedule. The classes are designed to help students earn middle or high school credits in courses they did not pass the first time around. Our credit recovery courses are a combination of teacher instruction and independent study, designed to supplement your school’s existing curriculum and give students a chance to earn credit in subjects they previously failed. In just 30 hours, your student can make up a failed semester grade and in just 45 hours, an entire year-long course can be made up. Upon completion, our associate will report the student’s grade to the student’s guidance counselor, who will assign a grade and credit.


Summer School

We also offer classes during the summer months to help your student prepare for the upcoming school year.

There are many great reasons to attend such as:
• To improve your grades
• To obtain credit for unfinished classes
• To brush up on a subject you're not confident about
• To prepare for your college or university application
• To work ahead, making the next school year a bit easier
• To study a subject not available in school
• To meet new friends and learn something new and fun!